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Volyoum - Echo Cancellation

Volyoum is a new echo cancellation technology based on a simple premise... If a microphone can be programmed to ignore sounds and speech coming out of a speaker attached to the same communication device, then it is possible to not only increase the volume of the communications coming out of the speaker, but to also amplify the sensitivity of the microphone being used to listen for the incoming communication.

The net effect?

  • Speaking to another person over skype with the speakers as loud as you can bare it yet you are on the opposite side of the room from your computer talking in a normal voice! 
  • The ability to walk around your home and talk to someone on the phone or over the Internet in a normal voice without the need for a headset or a wireless mic.
The technology can go further... to seperate voices in crowded call centers so that only the persons voice at a specific desk will be picked up by the mic on that desk... the applications are endless. And best of all Volyoum is built on technologies that already exist, that only need minor modification to be able to work in this fascinating way.
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