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The Swappery - Legal MP3 downloads

The Swappery is a service being planned that combines a number of pressing needs of the modern music aficionado:
  • The service of converting your CD's and LP's into MP3 files.
  • The storage of all your physical CD's
  • The ability to conveniently sell and swap your CD's with others using the service
  • The ability to check that the CD's you buy are not scratched and that the music will play.. and
  • The ability to build your MP3 library legally and quickly... using all the convenience of the internet and a reliable download service...
Sound interesting?

This is how we do this: You send your CDs to us on a spindle or as full jacketed CD's. Each CD is barcoded and ripped at a high resolution. An account is setup in your name and you can download all the music you want. Only the files ripped from your CDs are made available to you. Then if you sell your CD to another person, they not only receive the ownership of the CD but can also check that the music is all in good condition by downloading the music themselves and listening first hand after purchase. Of course, after the CD is sold the MP3s for that CD will be removed from your account to the account of the new owner. This step makes it all legal. Its then all up to you how often you buy, sell or swap your CDs as to how big your MP3 library is or how often it changes to inlcude new titles.

The initial service is in test. If you are interested in being included in the beta please email ric.r at r2labs dot com for an invitation.

Who could be interested?
  • Individuals music lovers
  • Second hand and used music dealers
  • Music clubs and promoters.
We are also looking at providing the same service for other media where there is legal precedent for the production of digital facsimiles of copyrighted works for personal use. Some of these opportunities include Vinyl LP's, Catridge music, Video DVDs, and even printed material such as magazines and books.
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