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Hotswap Batteries - zero restart battery swapping for laptops

Midway through last year Ric patented and produced a prototype of a battery swapping system that allowed a backup battery to be swapped for the main battery without requiring the laptop to be powered down... thereby simply addressing one of the pet peeves of most road warriors.

The technology subsequently fell on deaf ears at two major PC manufacturers simply because the method described required re-engineering of the battery compartment.

Work has commenced on Hotswap Batteries - the second edition. The new approach involves a battery caddy that fits in the laptops battery space with removeable battery cells that can be swapped while the power remains fully flowing.

This approach will suit a much wider range of accessory companies and has wider application despite the fact that obviously the laptops main battery will need to be exchanged for a hotswap battery before battery cells can be swapped easily.

The need for a hotswap battery technology is obviously great given the excitiement generated from even only one mention of the technology on the engadget tech blog which generated over 11,000 visits.
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