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Commentz - commenting widget concept

One of the headaches of making comments on blogs is that you end up with disparate contributions that become harder and harder to track... did anyone comment on your comment or reply to it? Where are all your comments? Can anyone tracking your comments easily find you? Wouldn't it be great if all your comments on other peoples blogs or web pages ended up in your own blog or twitter feed?

This is why I came up with Commentz.

Its a widget very similar to this one that can be installed on any web site but goes much further in that the comments all come from a central database that allows for a whole range of sharing of the comment data.

  • The first set of data obviously is attached to the blog site that the user comments to.
    One great advantage here is that if a user is logged on as a commentz user, there is no other logon process. If enough sites use Commentz then it will immediately be easier and more convenient to comment on sites that are Commentz enabled.
  • Another set of data goes to the commentor themselves.
    Initially the comments and any replies along with a link to the article being commented on are compiled in a Commentz user activity page. This data can then be routed wherever you want... to twitter, to facebook, to your blog... all of it in context and automatically including any follow up replies or comments based on your initial comment.
  • A third set of data gets exposed to search engines.
    You can also opt to have your comments indexed by search engines, so that people are linked not only to the origianl blog page but to your comments on your own Commentz activity page.
Please comment here or email ric.r at... r2labs dot com if you would like to be included in the beta.
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