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Showing posts from August, 2008

Turn your Mic and Speakers up during calls

A few months ago, I was frustrated at having to use headphones to talk to my family over skype. The problem? Echo. Every time my family spoke to me they could hear their own voice coming back over the microphone and confusing the conversation. The epiphany was why cant the noise cancellation techniques of travel headphones like Bose headsets be used to stop the echo problem? I'm in the middle of the patent now and expect to have a project site up soon showing the implimentation and eventually I hope to have example software up for visitors to test to see how well it works... stand by for more soon.

Uniloc appeal successful

Uniloc, a company I started in 1992 has won its appeal against Microsoft. The suit is over activation technology used in their two big products, Windows and Office amongst others. The picture is a screen grab of a bloomberg article that appeared shortly after the decision.

zkimmer finding a new home

The zkimmer project is now being bundled up to hand off to a management team that will take it to the next level. In the meantime we have added page navigation where the user can go to the next page and previous page by clicking a button in addition to the original map-like hand tool navigation.
Additionally the user can navigate in single pages or double-page-spreads. We are also doubling the number of magnification levels to allow users to view the publication at the most comfortable zoom level be they on an 29" Apple Cinema display, a laptop or an iPhone.
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