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Hotswap Battery technology and patent for Sale

What are Hotswap Batteries?
Ever been frustrated that you have to shut down your computer to swap your main battery for a backup battery? This is the main reason I invented Hotswap Batteries. Sure some Dell computers have two battery docks that enable you to swap without shutdown, and some Apple computers only require you to sleep to swap batteries... but for the majority of us the idea of shutting down and restarting takes the fun out of investing in a second/ backup battery. After all most of us buy a second battery for the last half of a long flight where it is particularly irritating to spend 5 minutes saving, shutting down and restating your laptop. This invention is for you.

Basically it comprises a cable that links the secondary battery to the computer while you remove the main battery. Then once its removed and the secondary battery is in place, the lead can be removed. Simple... yet know one has done this before...

See below for a picture of how it works:

Sale price: I am selling the prototype, schematics and patent rights for $40,000 o.b.o.

Who may be interested in Hotswap Batteries?
Product marketers or independent product development professionals or industry brokers.

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