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MP3VM a new concept in voice messaging

751903589 I love Jott, the wonderfully useful voice to transcription to email service that has been gaining steam over the last year or so.

But it has some serious missing capabilities that I really need and think a lot of other people need too.

1. The message length of 30 seconds is too short.
2. Having a mail recipient go to a web site to hear the original message is a big ask and in the end limits its usability.
3. Voice messages are in-the-moment things and even being slowed down to select who you want the message to go to is a big problem for me when all I want to do is capture the idea.

These issues and problems are the see of a project I started working on called The idea behind MP3VM is simple. A very simple and fast voice message service that answers the phone with a minimal intro such as "Recording now..." that saves the message when you hang up or press 1 to an mp3 file that is sent to your email for you to forward or annotate as needed. Here are some of the features being considered:
  • Super short fast greeting "Recording Now" gets to recording quick and allows you to capture your ideas with minimal interuption.
  • Dial 1 to finish a message and start the next message.
  • Hangup to finish a message.
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