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Ric Richardson - List of Inventions/ concepts

Note: All dates are approximate.

Significant inventions:

  • Uniloc is a way of allowing software to be legally shared and also a way of limiting how many PC's can share the same serial number or license. Invented approximately 9/1992.
  • Logarex is a radical attempt to derive massive compression form the use of logarithms. While Ric is aiming for a compression ratio of 200:1 his initial target is to reduce existing data files by 50%. This means that a DVD tomorrow may fit 2 DVDs of data onto the same space and eventually up to 2000 DVDs in the same space! Initially invented 3/2000
  • zkimmer is a way to adapt mapping technology such as Google Maps to display digital versions of documents such as magazines, artwork, textbooks and novels. Invented 6/2007
Other by approximate date:
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