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MaxOS - Voice based internet aware operating system

MaxOS is a voice based operating system that uses the Internet, a scripting language and user configurable macros to simplify use of computers in many day-to-day tasks. MaxOS is still in concept stage and will not be publicly displayed until patent applications and a fully working prototype are complete.

The basic premise is that the failure of voice based computer control to achieve wide adoption is due to a control vocabulary that is too large to manage and that the computers must cater to an accent/inflection range that is beyond today's internet connected devices to reliably compute.

By simplifying this process and adding an open software type "community" scripting and development, MaxOS is positioned to bridge and address these problems and start to fully explore a world that is for the most part unexplored... namely the ability to control and interact with computers using your voice and ears only.

What does this mean for the everyday person?
  • Imagine walking into a hotel room and being asked by a little box (that senses when the lights came on that someone has entered the room) for your identity and secure password and then interacting with a simple scripted voice service to read emails for you, to get voice mails routed to you, to read calender events and dial telephones for you... all from a device where the smarts is 10% local computing and 90% net based.
  • Being told when there is a visitor at your door when at home.
  • Being told who is calling you and responding to your commands on how to respond to each caller.
This is where it all starts. From here an open community will be encouraged to add macros and scripts so that more functionality and capability is added to the system on a daily basis... Imagine being woken up by a virtual conceirge  using wording and accents that you can set and then scripting a work cycle and routine that can be customized to your every whim using everyday language and simple logic structures... these are cornerstones of what MaxOS is trying to achieve.
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