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Logarex logarithmic compression

Logarex is a patented technology for a new compression method based on numeric reduction of number string lengths using conversion of data to numerics and then to a series of logarithms that in turn represent a shorter (i.e. compressed) representation of the original number.

It is a compression solution that is "lossless" meaning that the compressed data when returned from a compressed state is identical to the original pre-compressed data.

There is very little research in this particular field since the great majority of research is focusing on "lossy" compression methods for video and music distribution such as streaming video. In the case of "lossy" compression the data need not be identical to the original pre-compressed data as long as a reasonable level of perceived quality of video or audio is evident.

While this may be possible with video or music data forms, critical data such as financial transactions, communications and computer applications will become useless unless faithfully and reliably reproduced with zero modification.

The first major milestone is a consistent demonstrable example of the technology, and then to refine the method to attain its maximum feasible potential. The technologies initial target customer base will include satellite, communications and media companies.
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