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Google Search’s Achilles Heal

After reading the first few chapters of the book Search, it is now dawning on me how truly innovative the Google Search algorithm is. The whole analogy of treating web pages as if they are technical whitepapers with their citations and references is a true masterstroke.

But therein also is its weakness.

Over the next few weeks I intend to test some base theories about how Google does its ranking. One test is to involve one of our latest projects called zkimmer. Theoretically this is a graphics based mapping engine that has been adapted for publication display… I will be testing my theories ability to make specific zkimmer publications climb quickly up the Google Page ranking list.

I will also experiment with the name of a person that has allowed me to experiment with his mention on Google page ranking.

If these two experiments work out successfully then I fully intend to capitalize on it with the zkimmer publication list and then role out a separate standalone company to capitalize on the discovery. Come back in two weeks for updates.

Relevant research links include the original Google Algorithm white paper by the Google team called The Anatomy of a large-scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. Further research uncovered this gem about citations in Wikipedia and how to reverse engineer citations in that incredible resource.

Followup projects for this entry:
  1. Find out how to publish in an educational whitepaper database like
  2. A basic test to see how citations boost pagerank... possibly by using a citation engine that looks for appropriate highly ranked reference points within key words for a given web site.
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