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Paperback vending machine that BUYS books too

Last week I was sitting in Long Beach Airport waiting for a flight to New York wishing I could swap my nearly completed paperback for another title, and agonizing over whether to lug the book around for the next 3 days or throw it in the garbage. The answer... a paperback vending and collection machine that acts like a mini secondhand bookshop right there in the airport.

Here is how it would work:
Initially the vending machine could be stocked from local secondhand book shops but only with titles from the top100 selling list... and sorry no hard bound books.Just like a normal vending machine a book is selected and dropped into the access tray at the bottom of the machine for the user to access it.Books are arranged by their popularity... based initially on a list from Amazon's top selling list for example but eventually the list could come from the vending machines own data.How does the machine BUY books? The machine has a bar code scanner that can be used by the customer to check i…

Google Prediction... Skype got to be on the horizon

The G1, while rough around the edges, is the forebare of what's on the horizon from Google. Within days of getting his first G1 my brother had his unlocked and in use as a tethered wireless connection for his laptop in Australia. Within days I had written my first app (a web based to do management system) and am in the process of making it webkit and Goolge Gears aware meaning that it will look and behave like a native app even though I coded it for the web... this is all really cool stuff. But the biggest stuff is still to come in my opinion.

In the weeks since the G1 release, Google has added video and audio to gchat... all they need to do is add calling to land lines and they will have THE KILLER smart phone app of this century. But will it happen soon? Here is my theory.

Google has to wait for all the phone makers to at least make a few Android capable models and then they have to wait until at least 60% of the big cell telco's around the world offer at least one android p…

The One Time Card - super secure credit card

The One Time Credit Card is a new approach to the use of existing credit card technology.

All existing attempts to introduce more secure credit card transactions have involved adding new capabilities to the existing network and an education cycle for the general public which is just too complicated and unwieldy to use for most people.

So why is the One Time Card different?

Because it uses existing credit card numbers in a new and simple way. There is no need to update the credit card or debit network. Credit card numbers are issued to users as they need them and can only be used one time before they expire.

A hacker needs to intercept and use each card number and use it before being discovered. This almost completely closes the window for hacking and credit card fraud.

Basically, the One Time Card technology uses the same principles as One Time Password tokens without the pain of tokens. Rather, existing credit card numbers are used and then recycled. The simple nuts and bolts of how this …

Captains Log - automated voice recorder

Are you a voice note taker? Were you inspired as a child by the idea of recording your thoughts, ideas and daily events when you saw Captain Kirk recording his daily Captains Log on every other episode of Star Trek?

This invention was made for you.

Every time a new voice recorder technology came out, its capability and features were compared with that ultimate benchmark. The closest thing I saw was Jott, a phone service that allows you to call an 800 number and dictate a note which is then sent to a transcription service and returned to you as email...

Sounds simple enough...

But the process is still too cumbersome. Your cell phone has to be in range, you have to wait for the connection and the greeting, and then you cant start and stop the recording as ideas come to you... you have to complete the message and move on... no breaks.

Sadly, these kinds of limitations are often deal breakers for real world use. The fact that Caption Kirk could succinctly capture a days activity in 30 seconds …

Commentz - commenting widget concept

One of the headaches of making comments on blogs is that you end up with disparate contributions that become harder and harder to track... did anyone comment on your comment or reply to it? Where are all your comments? Can anyone tracking your comments easily find you? Wouldn't it be great if all your comments on other peoples blogs or web pages ended up in your own blog or twitter feed?

This is why I came up with Commentz.

Its a widget very similar to this one that can be installed on any web site but goes much further in that the comments all come from a central database that allows for a whole range of sharing of the comment data.

The first set of data obviously is attached to the blog site that the user comments to.
One great advantage here is that if a user is logged on as a commentz user, there is no other logon process. If enough sites use Commentz then it will immediately be easier and more convenient to comment on sites that are Commentz enabled.
Another set of data goes to …

A jet pack and a wing attached to a man crosses the English Channel

In the last few days a true-to-life jet scientist attached a jet pack and a wing to his back, was dropped from a plane over france and crossed the Channel in 10 minutes.

This page from the BBC includes video of the event. Here are some interesting facts from the account:
He had to start the turbines while he was still in the plane.. so they ended up having 4 jet engines running inside the plane just before he jumped out.He jumped at 8000 feet but did not get velocity enough to have the wing work until he was at 1500 feet! Pretty close.He then shot back up to 8000 feet to do the actual crossing.He then circled above spectators on the English side to lose all his fuel before landing...He landed with a parachute using special kneepads to help him handle the impact of having 140lbs of jet and wing on his back.Pretty cool.

Robert Cringley says ban incandescent globes and save $27b a year

Robert Cringley is one of the best technology thinkers around, and in his latest article he poses the question of what would happen if incandescent globes were outlawed! Apparently according to his research they are responsible for 18% of the US electricity bill! He goes further with a suggestion that US residential homes go to 380 volt 3phase power as apparently Europe has already done due to its increased efficiency. Some real interesting stufdf to chew over.

Smog Eradicator - Automotive Carbon Scrubber

Ric Richardson recently finished a digital simulation of an on-board carbon scrubber for petroleum fueled vehicles. The digital model uses at its heart a small portable version of the CO2 scrubbers that are used on submarines.

The CO2 scrubbers use Monoethanoleamine (MEA) in a cooled state to collect CO2 then the unique properties of the chemical will release the CO2 when heated. The digital simulation used a fictitious CO2 scrubber based on a stripped down submarine scrubbing engine. The vehicles exhaust (a Lincoln Navigator in the simulator) was run through a liquid scrubber containing the MEA collector. The collector was cooled by the vehicles air conditioning system. When the vehicle is not in use the MEA solution warms up and releases the CO2 into a removeable collection chamber/ container.

A Lincoln Navigator emits approxiamately 500grams of CO2 per km or 1.77 lbs of CO2 per mile. The scrubber is a smaller lighter digital adaptation of the CO2 scrubbers used in submarines and unl…

Hotswap Batteries - zero restart battery swapping for laptops

Midway through last year Ric patented and produced a prototype of a battery swapping system that allowed a backup battery to be swapped for the main battery without requiring the laptop to be powered down... thereby simply addressing one of the pet peeves of most road warriors.

The technology subsequently fell on deaf ears at two major PC manufacturers simply because the method described required re-engineering of the battery compartment.

Work has commenced on Hotswap Batteries - the second edition. The new approach involves a battery caddy that fits in the laptops battery space with removeable battery cells that can be swapped while the power remains fully flowing.

This approach will suit a much wider range of accessory companies and has wider application despite the fact that obviously the laptops main battery will need to be exchanged for a hotswap battery before battery cells can be swapped easily.

The need for a hotswap battery technology is obviously great given the excitiement gene…

The Swappery - Legal MP3 downloads

The Swappery is a service being planned that combines a number of pressing needs of the modern music aficionado:
The service of converting your CD's and LP's into MP3 files.The storage of all your physical CD's
The ability to conveniently sell and swap your CD's with others using the service
The ability to check that the CD's you buy are not scratched and that the music will play.. and The ability to build your MP3 library legally and quickly... using all the convenience of the internet and a reliable download service...Sound interesting?

This is how we do this: You send your CDs to us on a spindle or as full jacketed CD's. Each CD is barcoded and ripped at a high resolution. An account is setup in your name and you can download all the music you want. Only the files ripped from your CDs are made available to you. Then if you sell your CD to another person, they not only receive the ownership of the CD but can also check that the music is all in good condition by …

Volyoum - Echo Cancellation

Volyoum is a new echo cancellation technology based on a simple premise... If a microphone can be programmed to ignore sounds and speech coming out of a speaker attached to the same communication device, then it is possible to not only increase the volume of the communications coming out of the speaker, but to also amplify the sensitivity of the microphone being used to listen for the incoming communication.

The net effect?

Speaking to another person over skype with the speakers as loud as you can bare it yet you are on the opposite side of the room from your computer talking in a normal voice! The ability to walk around your home and talk to someone on the phone or over the Internet in a normal voice without the need for a headset or a wireless mic.The technology can go further... to seperate voices in crowded call centers so that only the persons voice at a specific desk will be picked up by the mic on that desk... the applications are endless. And best of all Volyoum is built on tec…

Turn your Mic and Speakers up during calls

A few months ago, I was frustrated at having to use headphones to talk to my family over skype. The problem? Echo. Every time my family spoke to me they could hear their own voice coming back over the microphone and confusing the conversation. The epiphany was why cant the noise cancellation techniques of travel headphones like Bose headsets be used to stop the echo problem? I'm in the middle of the patent now and expect to have a project site up soon showing the implimentation and eventually I hope to have example software up for visitors to test to see how well it works... stand by for more soon.

Uniloc appeal successful

Uniloc, a company I started in 1992 has won its appeal against Microsoft. The suit is over activation technology used in their two big products, Windows and Office amongst others. The picture is a screen grab of a bloomberg article that appeared shortly after the decision.

zkimmer finding a new home

The zkimmer project is now being bundled up to hand off to a management team that will take it to the next level. In the meantime we have added page navigation where the user can go to the next page and previous page by clicking a button in addition to the original map-like hand tool navigation.
Additionally the user can navigate in single pages or double-page-spreads. We are also doubling the number of magnification levels to allow users to view the publication at the most comfortable zoom level be they on an 29" Apple Cinema display, a laptop or an iPhone.

Hotswap Battery technology and patent for Sale

What are Hotswap Batteries?
Ever been frustrated that you have to shut down your computer to swap your main battery for a backup battery? This is the main reason I invented Hotswap Batteries. Sure some Dell computers have two battery docks that enable you to swap without shutdown, and some Apple computers only require you to sleep to swap batteries... but for the majority of us the idea of shutting down and restarting takes the fun out of investing in a second/ backup battery. After all most of us buy a second battery for the last half of a long flight where it is particularly irritating to spend 5 minutes saving, shutting down and restating your laptop. This invention is for you.

Basically it comprises a cable that links the secondary battery to the computer while you remove the main battery. Then once its removed and the secondary battery is in place, the lead can be removed. Simple... yet know one has done this before...

See below for a picture of how it works:

Sale price: I am sellin…

MP3VM a new concept in voice messaging

751903589 I love Jott, the wonderfully useful voice to transcription to email service that has been gaining steam over the last year or so.

But it has some serious missing capabilities that I really need and think a lot of other people need too.

1. The message length of 30 seconds is too short.
2. Having a mail recipient go to a web site to hear the original message is a big ask and in the end limits its usability.
3. Voice messages are in-the-moment things and even being slowed down to select who you want the message to go to is a big problem for me when all I want to do is capture the idea.

These issues and problems are the see of a project I started working on called The idea behind MP3VM is simple. A very simple and fast voice message service that answers the phone with a minimal intro such as "Recording now..." that saves the message when you hang up or press 1 to an mp3 file that is sent to your email for you to forward or annotate as needed. Here are some of the…

Upload your publications to zkimmer TODAY

Later today, we are going to open the doors on our new upload site that will allow anybody with a PDF or consequitavly numbered JPEGs to publish in zkimmer format.... we hope you think it's cool.

The site will be swapped over to tomorrow afternoon PST. Come and try it out.

Thanks for visiting.

zkimmer leaves Google API for OpenLayers

Today we decided to move from Google's Map API to OpenLayers and started to even tinker with developing our own proprietary tiling technology. The more we invest in tweaking the user experience around the specific needs of online documents, the more apparent it is that we need to make major changes to the standard map-type tiling user experience.

Specific things we are doing include:
* zlayers for text and positional Google text search/ location.
* page by page and direct to page number navigation
* shift and hold rectangle drawing that allows user to fill screen with the selected area. Amongst others...

We tried to hand on and use the Google API due to the large user base and the instant recognition but the cons are outweighing th pros to continue. Openlayers here we come.

zkimmer starts to get noticed

In the last week there has been 3,500+ page views to the zkimmer web site and a jump from a few hundred to over 1300 web mentions according to Google. Things are starting to warm up for zkimmer.

MS Project for personal goals and milestone management

I am a personal systems guy. I'm up to system number 4222.1 from my early days with DayTimer pocket books to the "What they don't teach you in Harvard" rolodex card system, to a custom filemaker database of to dos and projects to palm then treo then GTD then paper and round and round...

....and after all that one thing is true.

The most inspiring thing is to have a goal and to knock off the steps until you get there and to see how your actions affect WHEN you'll get there.

Enter Microsoft Project.

Not for corporations, not for business... just for plain personal goals.

I just started recently putting in a simple goal like "Having a 5 days holiday with my wife in Florence Italy" and using Projects many tools to prioritize and manipulate the various factors until I have a holistic view of the many things I'd love to do balanced with the things I have and need to do, to start to get a clearer idea of when there is chance these might happen....

This is especi…

SEO Healthcheck website idea: realtime ranking warnings

I have yet to fully research what is out there, but I really see a need for a web service that monitors your web sites ranking on the big web sites and warns the site owner or anyone else that wants to know about changes to their sites net visibility. Ideally Id like to include a main report page with changes and date time that the change recorded. Also email messages, sms notifications or RSS feeds that tell the subscriber about changes.

The engine would take the search phrases you enter and the web site domain or page that you want to monitor and parses the data to give the ranking of the highest ranked page or domain listing that meets your criteria... ie if no results in page 1 then go page 2 etc... of course the engine would only search the first 100 entries...

The project may also be useful in monitoring changes to the way the Google engine works...

New concept: Right-click any word to research a purchase

Way back around 99, I worked with IP law firm Akin Gump to try for a patent in the area of bridging supplier web sites (like per se) with retailer sites (such as so that anyone looking at a supplier site could be easily linked to a retailer site without the need for the supplier setting up a retailer database, or the retailer having to convince the supplier to link to them... in my ideal world, a trusted accounting firm such as Ernst&Young would run the site and all the suppliers in the world would have a little icon attached to every product page that would link to the E&Y database that in turn linked to a list of retailers search-able by price and distance.

On the retailers side all they needed to do was publish their inventory to E&Y as a backup of their existing inventory control system and voila... an internet surfer could look at the Lays website for the flavor potato chips they like and then with one click know the nearest 711 that had it in …

Hotswap battery story hits

This article about one of our recent rojects called Hotswap Batteries just hit Engadget one of the most popular technology sites on the web:

Hotswap laptop batteries let you keep the juice flowing - Engadget: "Sure, most laptops let you swap out a battery while the machine's asleep, but sometimes you need things to stay running while you switch out powerpacks -- which is where inventor Ric Richardson's hotswap batteries come into play. In addition to their traditional contacts, the cells have a small extension that plugs into your machine's power jack, allowing you to take out the dead battery and plug in the new one without having to shut down. It's a deceptively simple idea, but Richardson's got a patent on it, and he says he's talking to various companies like HP and Lenovo about using it in consumer laptops. We're definitely intrigued -- but here's hoping there's a good way to stow that cable afterwards."

Hotswap laptop batteries let you keep the juice flowing - Engadget

This article about one of our recent rojects called Hotswap Batteries just hit Engadget one of the most popular technology sites on the web:

Hotswap laptop batteries let you keep the juice flowing - Engadget: "Sure, most laptops let you swap out a battery while the machine's asleep, but sometimes you need things to stay running while you switch out powerpacks -- which is where inventor Ric Richardson's hotswap batteries come into play. In addition to their traditional contacts, the cells have a small extension that plugs into your machine's power jack, allowing you to take out the dead battery and plug in the new one without having to shut down. It's a deceptively simple idea, but Richardson's got a patent on it, and he says he's talking to various companies like HP and Lenovo about using it in consumer laptops. We're definitely intrigued -- but here's hoping there's a good way to stow that cable afterwards."

ReputationDefender > Search and Destroy

This is an idea who’s time has come… site does reputation management, privacy advocation and online child identity protection.

We search across every corner of the web to make sure you know everything that's said about you. We do this using best-in-class technology to identify where your name or images of you exist. Our expert Reputation Specialists will investigate social networking sites, blogs, new articles, web pages, reference souces and all other forms of online content. Then we'll present the information to you for your review and consideration. We'll also help you understand what might be damaging to you and if you don't like what you see, we'll go back to work for you!

The Destroy process is all about returning you your good name. We will work 24 by 7 to remove and rework unwelcome information. Restoring your privacy and your good name is our chief goal!
So try us out now, and see what Search and Destroy can do for you.
ReputationDefender > Search and Destr…

FileMaker Skype Plugin... Skyping up my 3G laptop....

Found this great plugin for Filemaker.. it may be the missing piece in my attempt to build a 13” touchscreen screen 3G enabled laptop-based answer to the iPhone… only better.

FileMaker-Skype Integration

Use FileMaker to make or answer calls directly in Skype.

Control your calls

The product is a plugin for FileMaker. It enables you to make or answer calls directly from FileMaker using Skype. You can control your contact list in Skype or use its possibilities to make conference calls or sending and receiving voicemails and chatmessages in your solutions.

FileMaker Skype Plugin.

Wifi on a 2GB SD Card... excellent idea

Eye-Fi still hasn't taken the world by storm, but the company is hard at work improving the WiFi-enabled SD card, which is now available in Ritz Camera outlets. The newest feature for the cards, due on February 12, is called "Smart Boost," which will intelligently prioritize where data is going to improve battery life. If your computer is on or awake, the Eye-Fi will send photos across the LAN to the client software, which will then handle the upload to your fave photo service, but if the Eye-Fi doesn't detect your machine, the chip will send images the service directly. Of course, this is all assuming you're still on your home network, so the practical effect is pretty low, but it's nice to see the company trying -- just let us know when the Eye-Fi can use open hotspots, okay?

Google Webmaster Guidelines... know thy target

Following these guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site. Even if you choose not to implement any of these suggestions, we strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the "Quality Guidelines," which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise penalized. If a site has been penalized, it may no longer show up in results on or on any of Google's partner sites.
Webmaster Guidelines.
After reading much of the book ‘search’ (muchly about Google) I have been working out how to get zkimmer pages to blast up the pagerank on Google searches… some very interesting reading amongst these links at the bottom of the Guidelines…

Quality guidelines - specific guidelines

Avoid hidden text or hidden links.
Don't use cloaking or sneaky redirects.
Don't send automated queries to Google.
Don't load pages with irrelevant keywords.
Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, …

Palm 755p still not 3g capable... everyone except AT&T

The smartphone you love. The speed you demand.

The Palm® Treo™ 755P smartphone delivers everything you need in one go-anywhere, Palm OS® device. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email2, a built-in web browser,2 and rich media capabilities—all at blazing, broadband-like speeds.3
Palm - Products - Palm® Treo\.
I have 3g for my laptop.. it screams.. but still have boring old CDMA for my AT&T cell… one day soon I am going to work out how to get a palm that is 3G capable and hack a copy of skype so that a data plan and a 3G sim will unleash me from the celullar networks and charges forever… still dreaming.

Paypal and SMS - a goldmine waiting to be exploited

Some months ago I ran into a real breakthrough technology called Paypal "text and buy". It was something I ran into after working out how to send money using my cell phone to a virtual assistant I work with hear in South Orange County from time to time.

The text to buy service is another thing entirely. Basically it means that any company with an SMS address ie a 7 digit SMS id, can then link a product id with a number and have customers pay for the product immediatly with their cell phones using their Paypal account.

See how this works: You see an add in a magazine for a product you want to buy, the add has an SMS number to call and a product ID, you make the SMS, the seller responds with a confirmation SMS and then Paypal SMS's you for a confirmation of the transaction. Done deal.

This looks like a particularly sweet methodology for smaller items like music and videos. Imagine hearing a song on the radio and at the end a voice says dial 44672 with code 2243. How cool is t…

Google Search’s Achilles Heal

After reading the first few chapters of the book Search, it is now dawning on me how truly innovative the Google Search algorithm is. The whole analogy of treating web pages as if they are technical whitepapers with their citations and references is a true masterstroke.

But therein also is its weakness.

Over the next few weeks I intend to test some base theories about how Google does its ranking. One test is to involve one of our latest projects called zkimmer. Theoretically this is a graphics based mapping engine that has been adapted for publication display… I will be testing my theories ability to make specific zkimmer publications climb quickly up the Google Page ranking list.

I will also experiment with the name of a person that has allowed me to experiment with his mention on Google page ranking.

If these two experiments work out successfully then I fully intend to capitalize on it with the zkimmer publication list and then role out a separate standalone company to capitalize on the…

Another attempt at digital publication

During the course of our constant due dilligence to track competing or similar technologies to zkimmer we run into various winners and losers… unfortunatley DigiPage is a big loser. Junky slow user interface and a really junky web site… zkimmers variable zoom level just beats all these kinds of attempts hands down.Digipage. Create stunning Flash page-turning brochures online in seconds from a single PDF upload. Video and dynamic content available. State-of-the-art Flash-based control panel. Dedicated servers, automation services and bespoke client work available on request.digipage - online flash page turning brochures created from PDFs and dynamic data.

The pass in Byron Bay after the storm just went thru... looks incredible

What a wonderful aqua green that is… makes me so homesick.

Contenders for the Darwin awards

Thong floaties for a live power supply!

Australian dollar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting quote from Wikipedia... shows how much currency has devalued in my lifetime...

Australian dollar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Value of the Australian dollar

The highest value of the Australian dollar since it was floated was 96.68 U.S. cents on March 14, 1984.[3] In 2001, the value of one Australian dollar went below 50 U.S. cents for the first time, touching 47.75 U.S. cents in April 2001[4]. On 1 November 2007, the Australian dollar reached a 23-year high against the U.S. dollar, peaking at 93.43 U.S. cents.[5]

In 1966, when the Australian dollar was introduced, the International gold standard still operated. The dollar was at that time worth 980 milligrams of gold. As of December 2006 the dollar was worth 38 milligrams of gold.[1]"

My latest favorite pic from the Byron Feed

Every now and then a really moment capturing picture turns up in my feed from Flickr for photos tagged Byron Bay....

Digital paper breakthrough

LG.Philips Announces 16.7-Million Color Electronic Paper, Teases World Again [Epaper] By Jesus Diaz on Oh LG.Philips, you are a cruel cruel mistress. You teased us with your flexible 4,096 A4 electronic paper last year and now you are at it again with a new bendy model of the same 14.3-inch size, now with 16 million colors, 1.280 x 800 pixels and 7,000 hours between charges using a typical battery. You say that the "penetration of the technology would be fast in Korea," but we know what you mean. You mean we will have to settle with just licking it in Vegas, along with the rest of the other always-coming-never-arriving cool technologies. I just hope it tastes better than it looks in the front photo:

Myvu's newest eyewear: the Shades and Crystal

From Engadget: Yet another pair of heads up displays that overlay VGA over a seethrough lens... looks like this problem is going to get fixed without the need for the Polaroid HUD project... another project goes on hold for the moment... Posted Jan 7th 2008 12:01AM by Darren Murph
Filed under: CES, Displays, Wearables

Logarex logarithmic compression

Logarex is a patented technology for a new compression method based on numeric reduction of number string lengths using conversion of data to numerics and then to a series of logarithms that in turn represent a shorter (i.e. compressed) representation of the original number.

It is a compression solution that is "lossless" meaning that the compressed data when returned from a compressed state is identical to the original pre-compressed data.

There is very little research in this particular field since the great majority of research is focusing on "lossy" compression methods for video and music distribution such as streaming video. In the case of "lossy" compression the data need not be identical to the original pre-compressed data as long as a reasonable level of perceived quality of video or audio is evident.

While this may be possible with video or music data forms, critical data such as financial transactions, communications and computer applications will…

MaxOS - Voice based internet aware operating system

MaxOS is a voice based operating system that uses the Internet, a scripting language and user configurable macros to simplify use of computers in many day-to-day tasks. MaxOS is still in concept stage and will not be publicly displayed until patent applications and a fully working prototype are complete.

The basic premise is that the failure of voice based computer control to achieve wide adoption is due to a control vocabulary that is too large to manage and that the computers must cater to an accent/inflection range that is beyond today's internet connected devices to reliably compute.

By simplifying this process and adding an open software type "community" scripting and development, MaxOS is positioned to bridge and address these problems and start to fully explore a world that is for the most part unexplored... namely the ability to control and interact with computers using your voice and ears only.

What does this mean for the everyday person?
Imagine walking into a …

Ric Richardson - List of Inventions/ concepts

Note: All dates are approximate.Significant inventions:Uniloc is a way of allowing software to be legally shared and also a way of limiting how many PC's can share the same serial number or license. Invented approximately 9/1992.Logarex is a radical attempt to derive massive compression form the use of logarithms. While Ric is aiming for a compression ratio of 200:1 his initial target is to reduce existing data files by 50%. This means that a DVD tomorrow may fit 2 DVDs of data onto the same space and eventually up to 2000 DVDs in the same space! Initially invented 3/2000zkimmer is a way to adapt mapping technology such as Google Maps to display digital versions of documents such as magazines, artwork, textbooks and novels. Invented 6/2007Other by approximate date:Smog Eradicator CO2 scrubber - 9/08 Commentz 9/08,MP3VM 9/08,Volyoum 8/08,Captains Log Recorder 7/08,Tazk Machine 2/08,Hotswap Batteries 12/07,Life Portal 10/07,Patent Machine 7/07,Secure Browser 2…
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