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Riding aroundLake Isabella CA

Here are some notes and pics from riding spots around Lake Isabella... looks like its worth the drive.
hese guys do a tour that does 140 miles to Jawbone/ Mojave and back into the
Sequoias and Kennedy Medows… More details on the linked page.
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Lake Isabella – Sequoia Forest (130 miles)
At 8:30 a.m. we will
another unforgettable loop which will take us to the Tobias Point
lookout at
8,200 feet elevation.  From this vantage point you will be
able to see Mt
Whitney, the tallest mountain in North America.  The ride
will take you on
single tracks with tight turns to a secret grove of
Sequoias, very remote and
awe inspiring.  Bring a bathing suit and $10,
we might visit the California
Hot Springs on our return.  After the
major changes in elevation and the
spectacular scenery, you will be ready to
relax at the hotel in the evening.
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