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DRM on mobile... still no clear leading technology available

Here's an idea for us to think about at Uniloc: Do the MP3 approach, make the technology open system, but the patent licensable! Wonder if that would work... show everyone how to do Mobile DRM but enforce the patent and the need to get a license... this one goes straight to the thinking room
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One of the biggest conclusion is that in the mobile DRM space it is too early
to see any one DRM standard being adopted as the industry standard. There are
still many proprietary DRM technologies being used and standards like OMA DRM
have been gaining market share very slowly. ABI Research comments that this is
no wonder since companies are trying to push their offerings to the market
before competitors and are focusing their ability to monetize on the mobile
media market. They give an example that iTunes & iPod combination with
Apple's Fairplay DRM has 80% market share and is definately proprietary closed
technology. They conclude that when there are many players in this mobile media
market, consumers are really using these services time will be ripe for common
mobile DRM standard to emerge.

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