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  • Interactive teaching method for teaching musical instruments - this system used a combination of cassette recording and quick lesson notes to speed the development of customized learning for people learning musical instruments.

1986 - 1992

  • PC Online - a pre internet community of connected modems enabling the exchange of artwork for advertisements in local newspapers.
  • Interactive CD multimedia - Using Apples Hypercard software Ric developed a system of interactive CD presentations that synced with commercial Audio CD's. One example product was an interactive version of the B-52's Love Shack album that would display relavent technical, trivia and liner notes as the CD was played in an Apple Macs CD player. The floppy disk with the software was sold with the Audio CD.
  • Hypercard controller for Fairlight music computer - Ric developed a Mac based control system for the popular $100,000 music computer called the Fairlight which used a complicated user un-friendly control system called os9. Ric's work was highlighted in an article in the world recognized music technology magazine "Electronic Musician" and was invited to appear as a guest speaker in a number of US locations as a result.
  • Rics was alos a co-developer of Turetime MIDI sequencer software one of the first software products to use the now ubiquitous pianoscroll display used in all usic software programs.

1992 - 1997

  • The Uniloc patent - system for locking software licenses to specific PCs using hardware fingerprinting.
  • The Uniloc Demorizer - a method for adding activation software to other products by injecting hooks into the code to run the Activation code.
  • Machine locking for secure transactions - working with banking experts in Australia Ric devised a system for secure encrypted bank transactions using device fingerprints to compete with Visa SET standard.


  • System for adding secure software to an existing install image - Ric developed a system that took an existing software product and added Uniloc protected components to that product during the install of the product. The system was secure and very popular with software publishers who tested the technology fully in every case of its use and found it secure stable and production ready.
  • System for numberless credit card transactions - Ric developed a system of onetime passwords that enabled cardholders and merchants to make transactions together without sharing their credit card numbers or merchant details.
  • Open system for sharing of retail information over the Internet - Rics designed the prototype of a database that linked barcodes for specific products to images available on the web to enable retailers to use images on their suppliers sites to build an interactive inventory and consumer sourcing system.
  • Logarex - A patented compression system that uses logarithms to find the maximum compressed expression of data in any form. For example 1,000,000,000,000,000 is a 16 digit expression but 10^15 is a 5 charcter expression delivering a 16:5 or 320% compression ratio. This project is Rics next big focus after Uniloc.

2002 - 2007

  • System for fingerprinting Optical Fiber for secure communications.
  • Anti hacking detection for machine fingerprinting systems.
  • Using performance characteristics or damage in computing devices to product unique device fingerprints.
  • Terremail - a simple system for linking email addresses to physical postal addresses. Send emails to a postbox!
  • Another 6 coming soon....

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