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About creative thinking...
"The simplest most elegant solutions are frequently dreamed up by the people who most want to avoid the work of doing it the existing way... present company excluded."
Ric Richardson 2006
About perceptions of Inventors...
"Most people who think they know a person who thinks outside the box is only talking about a guy who can move boxes really fast. Speed does not equal novelty, the true basis of invention."
Ric Richardson 2006

About invention...
"If you want someone to think outside the box, then find someone who doesnt know what a box looks like."

Ric Richardson 1992
This quip came from Ric's reaction to explaining why someone from MIT didn't come up with the Uniloc idea first. The fact is that often education limits your scope to solving problems by telling you paths that are not worth investigating, when with a little imagination those paths can be adapted to do completly new things.
About Leadership...
"Leadership is the ability to get people to do things without coercion. Otherwise its just bullying."
Ric Richardson 2006
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