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Picked up a Sony UX280 today... why do people NOT get it?

Today my co founder and I received delivery of two spanking new Sony UX280’s. For most of the office there was definitely an oooooo factor. Oooooo what’s that? Is it a phone? Does it run XP? The screens small…. How can you use that all day? And on and on….. for me the UX is a first test to see if I can migrate up from a cell phone.
The UX represents to me the first time to get the best of all worlds.A phone (with Bluetooth headset and Skype), a cool customizable interface (I’m using flash to write a palm-like GUI) for a few often used tasks and traveling use.. (more later) and finally as my main operations PC (i.e. Outlook comms website passwords and documentation).
The first test was tonight when I video conferenced at full screen with my brother in Australia while sitting in the family room. The optimization of the integrated webcam was spectacular only 1/3rd of a second delay over 11g. My wife grabbed the UX to show my brother the dogs asleep on the couch and then went to her computer to get instructions on how to navigate her favorite antique poster site by showing him the screen of her laptop! I don’t mind telling you this was exciting.. the mobility kills a laptop, then I vidconfed my partner Craig who shared his daughters latest book reading skills with me for 15 minutes. Words cant describe the world opening up when the power of a PC meets up with the mobility of a phone
In closing this episode, I want to mention the middle ground application mentioned earlier. The obvious need for a UMPC is a palm-like GUI for all the major applications to enable easy use in rushed or minimal focus attention situations (ie when driving, or walking or grabbing some quick notes). The beautiful thing about using XP is that the GUI can be written in anything.. flash or even local web pages… pretty much anyone with moderate computer skills can make there UMPC really fly and have a wonderful customized look. Once I get some of this going Ill drop some screenshots here to give you an idea of the progress.
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