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Ostentatious idea

Browsers were built by a University mentality… where information wants to be free. Everything about the browser is about openness and free gifting of information and technology. Even one of the most powerful web technologies (namely Flash Video e.g. You Tube) is free with no way to make money from it. The only way Adobe makes money is from selling the content generation tools, but hey if your content represents your life’s work then you’re out of luck. To me selling content creation tools without making money on the content is like selling razor handles and giving away the blades!

One day soon the great multitude will wake up to the fact that content is king and that something needs to be done about it. What if… a new breed of browser was born. A browser with a foundation based in fairly priced, easy to use but PAID content… or private content… where who got to see what was not a function of a logon and password and a bunch of SSL servers but rather a monetized environment. Where information, photos, animations movies, music AND applications could all be accessed, used locally and the license for use was maintained ubiquitously, transparently and safely.

Web 2.0 refers to web pages that act like desktop applications.
Enter Web squared (Web2) a new monetized way to look at the web. Trojan and virus free, where monetization of all content is not only integral, but featured.

Welcome to the future.

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