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Crossing the Chasm getting easier?

A real insightful book is Crossing the Chasm by Geoff Moore. As he suggests (and quite rightly in my mind) the gap that kills a lot of companies occurs between the tail end of the early adopters and the beginning of the early majority in the marketing bell curve.

After spending a bit of time grappling with the impact of blogs and web news it occured to me that early adopters can reach and influence so much more of the early majority customer base that it theorectically means that Geoff Moores "chasm" is on its way to closing... As a tip-of-the-hat to Mr Moore it is probably true that the world has become more geared to niche customer groups and the days of mass marketing are numbered.

That being said it may also be true that if you can get and keep the attention of a small but strong group of vocal early adopters, you are bound to make it all the way to the lucrative early majority stage of the curve without falling into the chasm that swallowed many a fledgling company just a few years ago.
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