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Brute force attacks focussed on small to mid size companies

CIO India notes:
CIO India - More 'Brute Force' Attacks on SMBs, says Security Software Vendor: "'Prior to this, what we noticed out there being directed at mid-sized companies was the more broad-based sweeps or scans, which means that there were certain well-known vulnerabilities that were being targeted, but they were being broadly targeted,' Smith said. 'That means that the bad guys were broadly sweeping a bunch of companies ... for these general vulnerabilities and when they found those vulnerabilities they would find a way in.'

Now, however, hackers are targeting their attacks at specific services like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and are employing the brute force password cracking technique, Smith said."
This growing problem is a big for us at Uniloc... one idea we are really exploring is an adaption of Apples old keyring methodology. The idea being one unlock code that unlocked a "keyring" of other passwords. In Apples case it was an ingenious way of storing network logons and passwords.
In our version of the above we are using the keyring psychology to manage extra long passwords for everything from bank accounts to network logons to customer accounts on merchant accounts. The concept is fairly simple but the solution is harder to execute in real life... but we are making progress.
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