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Boing Boing: Circuit City offers DVD ripping service

Boing Boing: Circuit City offers DVD ripping service: "A Circuit City store is offering 'DVD transfer service' to an iPod at $10/disc. This seems like a natural service for a store that sells iPods to offer, except that ripping DVDs is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It's not that making a copy of your DVDs for your iPod is illegal -- that part's all right. It's breaking the flimsy anti-copying locks on a DVD that's against the law -- the DMCA prohibits breaking any lock, even if you're doing it for a lawful purpose. Link "

Yet another example of why anti-piracy measures need to be more intellegent. From the beginning we at Uniloc have opted for "fair use" capable version of copy control software. For example should you be able to let your Dad see a movie you recommentd to him via broadband? Yes. Should he have a copy that he can share with others? No. Thats fair use... common sense. Unfortunately DRM has become the means for content owners to charge you a new license for every device you want to use for playback and that's plain wrong.
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