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Google Labs... what a great idea

Google Labs is one incredible approach to innovation, even for a small few person shop like R2Labs... the idea is simple, don't theorize, don't spec just do it... get the idea working on a web site, warn visitors that it may not handle capacity or may not work as advertised... and tweak. Tweak till the cows come home....

You'll notice on their main page that each listing has three components:

1. The project name (usually catchy) with a cute pithy description and linked..
2. An email contact
3. A discussion group area on googlegroups.

When you go to the site, the idea is usually explained in simple terms and as quickly as possible you are presented with an opportunity to try, experiment or use the project....

As an inventor myself, I cant resist the opportunity to explain the idea and discuss it before committing the time and resources to getting a publicly accessible version of the project running, but the Google approach is truly inspiring... it shouts "walk the walk"... if you are going to invest effort in the project, invest in a working model, not a website describing it or an online brochure selling it... get the thing working even if in only a rudimentary way... its certainly an approach worth emulating.

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