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Passmark a bargain for RSA?

I may be a bit behind the news but could not resist the temptation to comment on RSA's recent acquisition of PassMark Security. Articles like this RSA not content to grow slowly see RSA's moves as aggressive but think about the economics of the deal.

Here is PassMark, with an Intuit heavyweight opening doors for them and having bagged the 800 pound gorilla of the online banking community Bank of America and all the press you can poke a stick at when... they get bought out for $50 million.

$50 million?

All that traction and hype for $50 mill... it is this humble bloggers opinion that the BofA deal was, and is a love job... which leads me to the validity of their colorful image based security system and their browser locking technologies... are they really legitimate? Can they really be counted as a legitimate second factor in a multi factor security system? Maybe not... maybe we have a little further to go to.
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