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From the Lab... still on the drawing board

Following are ideas that have become full blown projects but are not ready for prime time. Please feel free to browse them and paly with the prototypes that we are developing for each project as the become available.

Password Packing
With key loggers and Trojans waiting to snatch your banking password something is needed to make their life a bit harder. Password Packing is a technique that adds nonsense characters to your password making it harder for a hacker to know what your password is yet no harder for you to remember.

Site Triage
A simplified password system for people who want privacy but do not want their visitors to sign up for anything.

Personal Server
Automates collection of important information on your home computer and gets it to you over the web or on your cell or pda.

Digital Furnace
One computer for the whole household, a new multi-user approach to household computing.

Wireless Repeater
Uses light sockets to power wireless internet connections around the home and around the world.

Push payment system
Provides web buyers with a way to pay people over the web without using sellers shopping cart.

Want to pay 2 cents to see an important page on the web...

Pop Central
An experiment using push technology to flash information to the user without interrupting their workflow. 5/25/04

Cell Redirector
Centralize your phone calls at home or on the move with automatic call cost optimization between your cell and home phone line accounts.2/23/04

Use two cell phones to make all your calls from a landline while on the move. 2/23/04

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