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DrumCore : Cool drum machine sampler player tool

Submersible Music offered up two new DrummerPacks ($79 each) for its drum-part creating application DrumCore. One pack features reggae legend Sly Dunbar, and the other Zoro, who's worked with a variety of artists including Lenny Kravitz and Bobby Brown. Each pack contains a collection of loops, fills, and single hits.DrumCore : Home

Guess where this goes!

Missed this little offshoot looks like it goes for miles and miles. Worth investigating next time. Doesn’t look like road but more trail.Yet another fantastic view from the google satellite… how cool is this?

Heel driven bass drum pedal... greta for unco drummers like me.

This heel driven bass drum pedal is just what the doctor ordered for someone like me who has tow fron foot coordination problems... plus you can seem to play harder... now just to convince the better half that a drum kit would not deafen the household!

Kaleidescape DVD copying machine

This device is a really cool DVD burner. Wonder how copyright is handled by the maker... but basically put DVDs in and then they get auto stored and made available for playback over the Network...

Spying on the spyware makers

This article gives good insight into the people trying to get a handle on how the spyware programs get onto and take over a users PC. What is really interesting is the fact that big name companies are involved with spyware campaigns and how "legitimate" spyware has become to some marketing types. Its worth a read if you are erked by spyware bombardment.

Washing down after ride #1

Sunday was fun. A few water crossings and a few monos with a good mate.

Links regarding the Wildomer OHV Area

This page discusses limitations for riding in the Wilomar area... its only 400 acres which sounds a bit small.

Australian Currency Chart

This link is a chart showing the recent trend and last trading rate for the Australian Dollar. To date comments have been pushing for a devaluation based on over heated real estate values. Well see what happens in the next 6 months.

Bike design works the angles

This design from a team at Purdue University took first place in the 9th International Bicycle Design Competition. Called Shift, it's meant to help toddlers get their bearings and keep their balance when learning how to pedal on their own.

Article includes really great explanation of how the wheels change attitude as speed increases.
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