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Showing posts from April, 2005

Indian Inventor improves on combustion engine

Hats off to this Indian inventor who has a new approach to combustion chambers that makes a lot of sense… he places grooves in the head of the chamber and uses a squashed chamber design to encourage turbulence that encourages more mixing of the fuel and oxygen, and thus burns up to 20% cleaner… what a great idea.

Popular Science: Future of Cars

The future of the car is discussed on the Popular Science Magazine site at:

Shots from a kite

This is a pic from a kite using a digital camera attached to it. The guy who thinks up these kinds of whacky things runs a web site called he does some really interesting things.

Guess what's New

Green sticker and raring to go.

Blog Addition by Email.

Just discovered that I can add blog entries via email. Today the layout was changed and I looked at adding more services to the page… come back sson to see more news. Ric
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